We Found The Magic Quill!

My daughter and I have been selected for early access to Pottermore. If you don’t know what Pottermore is, it’s J.K. Rowlings brand new interactive site for her Harry Potter series. The site will open for everyone in October, but a lucky few (rumor says one million) who solve the Magic Quill Challenge will be given the chance to enter early.

It didn’t look like we would get in at first, due to the fact that we forgot about the contest. We were not among the first entrants, the ones who stayed up all night on the first night or who logged in a 5am to witness the crash of the entry system due to overwhelming response. These people, rumor has it, will enter before us. They deserve it.

The contest, for us, began on the fifth day. The question that day was: What is the house number of the Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix in Grimmauld Place? We didn’t know the answer, but it didn’t matter, a cloak of invisibility had already gone up to cover the page, letting us know that the contest was closed for the day. Not to be deterred, we did a mad search of the Internet. The questions were going up an hour apart.  According to our source, the 6th question would be up the next day at 1:00pm. The site assured us that the questions would get easier, too, which was reassuring. We’d read all the books together, but the questions, so far, were beyond our casual knowledge of the series.

The next morning, I logged in at 9:00. I didn’t expect the question to be up yet, but there it was: How many chapters are in the 5th book? Easy. My daughter owns the book. We just had to look. We multiplied the number by 14 and were directed to another site. It didn’t take long to find the magic quill, but it did take a few seconds to catch it. The thing was quick! The quill wrote our names in the Hogwart’s book, and we were told we would soon receive an e-mail telling us how to enter. We got the e-mail a few hours later. I checked the parental consent and sent it off, and we received our code names. That’s all I know about it for now. I’ll post more when we are officially allowed in.

How about you? Anyone else get in early to Pottermore? If not, do you think you’ll log on when it opens to the public in October. Are you a Harry Potter fan? What books have you read?

13 thoughts on “We Found The Magic Quill!

  1. I am a big Harry Potter fan. In fact, when I bought tickets for the last movie, I danced around the house singing, ” ‘Arry Potta!” for a good hour or so. Mr. Atkins is used to it, by now.
    I’m not sure about getting on Pottermore, though. Unless there will be more to read, I’ll stay away from it and use other time-suck websites, like Pinterest. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I’m not a hardcore fan, but I love the series. I’ve never heard of Pottermore but it sounds amazing. I’m hoping to go to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios next year. Good luck getting in!!!

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