Fall for the Book

It’s almost time for Fall for the Book. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s the giant, week-long book festival that George Mason University (my alma mater) puts on each September. This year, they’ve got a great line-up. Stephen King is coming, and Amy Tan and Tayari Jones.

Here’s a few of the events I’m planning to attend:

YA Author Panel (Sept 18 4:00-5:30):

Pam Bachorz, Sarah Collins Honenberger, Val Patterson, Jon Skovron, andAmy Brecount White discuss the booming market for Young Adult fiction and the wide range of opportunities available to YA writers: teen romance, supernatural adventure, or even a chance to revisit and rework a classic of adolescent angst. Hello, Holden Caulfield! In partnership with One More Page Books.

Tayari Jones (Sept 19 4:30-5:45)

After three critically acclaimed novels, including Leaving Atlanta and The UntellingTayari Jones’ latest book, Silver Sparrow, presents two sisters connected only through their bigamous father and follows their journey to tear down and ultimately survive the secrets and illusions that have long cast a shadow over their lives. Sponsored by the GMU Creative Writing Program.

Fairfax Prize Presentation (Sept 20 7:30-8:45)

Amy Tan, critically acclaimed author of six works of fiction, including her debut The Joy Luck Club, and, most recently, Saving Fish From Drowning, accepts the Fairfax Prize for “writing and publishing literary works that contribute significantly to American and international culture.” Sponsored by the Fairfax Library Foundation.

Master of Fine Arts Alumni Reading (Sept 21 7:30-8:45)

Mason MFA alumni, including novelist Matt Norman (Domestic Violets),poets Brian Barker (The Black Ocean) and Cynthia Marie Hoffman(Sightseer), and nonfiction writer Supriya Bhatnagar (and then there were three…), read from their debut publications.

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