SCBWI Mentor Program

Here’s a great opportunity from the Nevada chapter of SCBWI. The best part is, you don’t need to be from Nevada to qualify.

The Program

Participants for the program will be chosen by a blind application process. (See The Selection Process tab). The 2012 Nevada SCBWI Mentor Program will accept up to 22 participants. Each participant will receive entrance to our 2012 Tahoe Writer’s Retreat, May 18-20, 2012 at Stateline, NV. At the retreat, there will be a mentor planning session. Mentors will have read their mentees’ manuscripts and have revision notes ready to discuss on that weekend.

Following the retreat, the mentors and mentees will exchange critiques and revisions at least 3 times between May 20, 2012 and October 12, 2012 (a schedule will be provided). For picture book writers and illustrators this may include exchange of specific assignments or full revisions of short works or illustrations. For novelists and authors of longer works this includes ONE full revision of your work (in three parts) or three revisions of the same section of your work. Please do not expect to complete two or three full revisions with your mentor during the course of the program. You should expect feedback from your mentor about every two months. Any additional professional contact will be at the discretion of the mentor.

The program will culminate with a 2 ½ day retreat/workshop (meals and lodging provided) for the mentors, mentees, and a guest editor/agent at St. Mary’s Art Center, Virginia City, Nevada, October 12-14, 2012.

Exciting changes and additions to prior Nevada SCBWI Mentor Programs:

  • Prior mentor programs were only open to pre-published writers. This year we are adding a Published/Agented Level. Only published and/or agented authors may apply to: Holly Black, Kathleen Duey and Ellen Hopkins. This is a unique opportunity to work with high caliber authors, with the ultimate goal of taking your writing to a whole new level.
  • In previous years, the opening event was a two-day conference in Virginia City. It did not include lodging/meals. This year the opening event is a two-day writers’ retreat at Lake Tahoe, and includes lodging/meals at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. That cost is reflected in the higher overall cost of this year’s program. Lodging is double occupancy, and every effort will be made to assign compatible roommates. A single room will add $115 to the cost.

Price of the 2012 mentorship program is $1,095.00 and includes the program as described above. One $850 scholarship was generously donated by our last program’s mentees. There may be some smaller partial scholarships available, as well as a grant writing workshop (Date TBA) for Nevada applicants who choose to apply for grant assistance from Nevada Arts Council.

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