Contest Opportunity

Here’s a great contest you may not have heard about from Leapfrog Press. The categories include middle grade and YA, as well as adult fiction, so if you’ve got a novella or novel-length work, you should check it out.  Some information from the website:

What to Enter

The contest is for Adult Fiction and Children’s Fiction (middle grade and YA only). Any novella- or novel-length work of fiction, including short-story collections, not previously published* is eligible. The minimum length is 22,000 words; there is no maximum length.

* Previously self-published books that have no more than 200 copies in circulation will be considered “unpublished” and may be submitted. Short stories that have been published in literary journals may be included in collections.


Judges include Leapfrog Press editors and author Lev Raphael.

All judging is done “blind”: the judges have no information except the manuscript itself and its title. Judging is done in several rounds. Manuscripts that are placed in the “awards” category will be divided into Honorable Mention, Semifinalist, and Finalist categories. These will be announced in May or early June. The first-prize winner will then be chosen from among the finalist manuscripts.

Lev Raphael is the author of 20 books, including novels, memoirs, and story collections. He has published reviews in papers such as The Washington Post and The Detroit Free Press, and articles and essays in numerous publications. Prizes include the Harvey Swados Fiction Prize, the Reed Smith Fiction Prize and International Quarterly‘s Prize for Innovative Prose. Read more about Lev Raphael here.


First Prize: publication contract offer from Leapfrog Press, with an advance payment, plus the finalist awards (see below).

Finalists: $150 and two critiques of the manuscript from contest judges; permanent listing on the Leapfrog Press contest page as a contest finalist, along with short author bio and description of the book.

Semi-Finalist: Choice of a free Leapfrog book; permanent listing on the Web site

Honorable Mention: listing on the Leapfrog Press Web site.

We encourage winners of all contests to inform us of any publicity/contracts/reviews of their entries. We will be happy to post that information on our Web site and in our newsletter.

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