Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ve got some spooktacular links for you today, but first I want to show you the trunk of my car. The kids and I decorated it for a Trick or Trunk event at our church. We spent  four hours taping black trash bags all over it and creating a graveyard scene. Then we added some strobe lights and some dry ice for fog. When we finished, we realized the car wouldn’t fit all of us inside it anymore. I ended up driving in a separate car with the kids while my husband drove what now looked like a hearse at a snail pace down the street. Our paper plate award and our trunk are below:

Now for the links:

1. Some great literary pumpkin patterns and a carving contest from YA Highway. I like the Insurgent one myself.

2. A chance to win $50 by writing 250 words from Writer’s Relief.

3. Writer’s Digest has some ten minute literary costumes if you’re in a jam.

4. Jess at Falling Leaflets has some spooky Halloween destinations if you’re in the mood for a trip.

5. An essay from Poe that details his thought process when creating the poem The Raven.

Have fun tonight everyone!

12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Thanks for the awesome links! I love this in Poe’s essay: “It is only with the denouement constantly in view that we can give a plot its indispensable air of consequence, or causation, by making the incidents, and especially the tone at all points, tend to the development of the intention.”

    That’s exactly what I didn’t do in my first ever MS, and I [think I] learned my lesson… 🙂

  2. I’m with Ciara – that is serious dedication! But what a great, fun project. I bet your kids had a blast and you created a great memory for the whole family. I hope your Halloween was fun!

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