My Trip to Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter

My family and I recently made the trip out to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal studios. We were all very excited planning our itinerary. We spent countless hours on the Internet at trip sites, but then I made the mistake of tacking it on to the last day of a 100 degree, three day Disney vacation, so when the morning arrived, at first no one wanted to go.

“It’s hot,” Daughter #1 said.

“Let’s play with American Girl dolls instead,” Daughter# 2 said.

I ignored these suggestions, and we went anyway, but as it turned out, Daughter #1 was correct. It was hot. Incredibly hot. Worse than Disney hot because Disney has incorporated shade tarps in front of most of their rides and Universal is behind in all that. Other than the heat, though, and excluding the brief period when Daughter #2 sat down on the concrete in front of Olvera’s wand shop and refused to move one more inch, we had a good time. The castle and the street in front of it were amazingly realistic, and we enjoyed walking around and pointing things out from the book.

We ate lunch at The Three Broomsticks and were able to taste the famous Harry Potter Butter Beer. After that, we shopped for wizarding supplies at Ollivander’s Wand Shop. Daughter 1 and Daughter 2 convinced me to buy two thirty dollar wands. The wands looked like twisted plastic sticks and they had the words made in China on them, but the girls were happy enough. I put my foot down at the stuffed owls, and we left the store and headed to the castle to ride the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey ride. I didn’t have high hopes for this ride. I expected it to be more of a roller coaster than it was, but I have to say, this ride was super cool. It really felt as if we were flying with the Potter crew, running from dragons and playing quidditch in the sky. All and all, I recommend The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Go in the winter, though.

8 thoughts on “My Trip to Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. I’ve been tempted to try one of the many Butter Beer recipes I’ve seen online, but I’m so afraid it’ll be gross and shatter the perfect idea I have of the taste in my head 🙂

  2. You might’ve been there the same time as my parents! How funny. They went in June (the 10th, actually). They LOVED it. Raved about everything, especially the butter beer. How fun y’all got to go!

  3. Florida heat can be horrific. Add cranky tourists and it can be horrific. I worked at Disney World in another life. I’m glad you had fun and endured the heat. Yep, I loved the Butter Beer. 🙂

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