Writing Motivators

With NanoWriMo coming up next month, it seems like everyone is talking about motivation. In case you need a little nudge (or a big one), I’ve put together a list of apps to help out. Some of these apps, like the Fictional Character Name Generator, will save you some time. Others, like Write or Die, are designed to really kick your butt into gear.

1. MAC Freedom: An author/speaker at a conference I once attended swore by this program. It turns your e-mail, Twitter, and the entire Internet off for increments of time in order to free you to write.

2. Write or Die: This one’s one of the harshest motivators I’ve seen. It  changes screen color and sounds off an alarm when you stop typing for a period of time. If you need more motivation than that, you can set it to Kamikaze mode and let it delete your work word by word if you stop.

3. Fictional Character Name Generator: Helps you come up with a quick name for your characters. Great in a bind. You can always change it later.

4. The Story Starter:  If you like writing to prompts, or if you just want a random idea to get you started.

5. Novel in 30:  This one is for the iPad. It tracks your project, offers encouragement, and lets you share your progress with your friends on Facebook when you reach a milestone

What about you? Have you used any of these? Know of any that I missed?

9 thoughts on “Writing Motivators

  1. I have tried Write or Die…it really is harsh but it works! I’ve heard lots of good things about Freedom and I should really bite the bullet and download it. Thanks for the tips on the other motivators! Are you doing Nano? I still can’t decide. I have a story in mind but trying to decide if I should try to finish what I’m currently working on. But the prospect of starting something new is tempting!

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